photo of bob eastonHe once spent most of his time as a computer enginerd. A 40 year career evolves through many specialties and this lucky guy ended up spending his last 10 years in the world’s foremost industrial research institution, IBM Research. Improving web accessibility for people with disabilities was his last passion at IBM.

His work as an accessibility consultant focused on:

  • Bringing the IBM internal site to WCAG AAA compliance. The internal site is the employee web portal used by over 300,000 employees for virtually all internal administrative applications and a very wide array of social applications.
  • Constantly improving accessibility for IBM’s public web site, helping ensure each technological or media advance was accessible.
  • Maintaining a blog named “Access Matters,” in which testing was the primary focus. Determining how assisstive technology handled new advances was the core of the blog. A while after retirement, the domain name was released to a person supposedly sincere about accessibility. Today, that domain is used mostly as a seo opportunity for miscellaneous web development sales. The original Access Matters blog has been archived on the “Way Back Machine.”

Now retired, he spends his time as … house-husband, grandpa, woodcarver, woodworkersmall boat builderpen and ink artist, web accessibility consultant, retired computer enginerd, and WordPress web sites developer.


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